The Pandemic Gallery

When this is all over you are all invited to one heck of an art show.

   I believe that God shows himself in my life all of the time. And I believe He has me and Cher on an Artist Residency for the time being. In January, a dear friend moved away and gave me a large format printer. In February an unexpected tax refund covered initial supplies and getting it working. Then a stimulus check gave us a full stock of canvas and ink. We have been creating ever since. I know God wants me to be creative with my wife while we go through a pandemic, crashed economy, racial unrest and what ever else is coming. And why would He be doing this, unless He knows we will make it through all of this strife and arrive at the other side. And when this is all over, you are all invited to one heck of an art show.




   All images on this site are available upon request as true photographic prints,

printed on Kodak paper then mounted and sealed. 

New Gallery Wrapped Canvas Giclees now available

 All images are sold as a Limited Edition of 50 unless otherwise stated.

Local sales will be handled through Carolyn Seiler & Friends in Cocoa Village

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