"Those who were seen dancing, were thought to be insane, by those who could not hear the music."

                                                                                                        -Friedrich Nietzsche

We are busy creating and printing during our current isolation.

'The Hills are Alive' a tryptic by Jerry and Cher Hanzl

'The Girls' by Jerry Hanzl

'On the Patio' by Jerry Hanzl

'Social Distancing' and 'Senior Distancing' by Jerry Hanzl

'Wooden Doors' by Jerry Hanzl

'Somewhere over the Rainbow' 

by Jerry and Cher Hanzl

Side Street' by Jerry and Cher Hanzl

'Relocating the Zoo Again' by Jerry Hanzl

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 Art Gallery of Viera 

in The Avenue, Viera.

Where to see our work

'Cristo' by Jerry Hanzl

'The Basement' by Cher Hanzl

'Another Place in Time' by Jerry Hanzl

'Cracking the Cosmic Egg' by Jerry Hanzl



   All images on this site are available upon request as true photographic prints, printed on Kodak paper then mounted and sealed. All images are sold as a Limited Edition of 50 unless otherwise stated.

16x20 inch - $200 - $300

20x30 inch - $350 - $450

20x20 inch - $225 - $325

20x24 inch - $250 - $350

16x24 inch - $250 - $350

New Gallery Wrapped Canvas Giclees now available


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(Special Edition Gallery special pricing)       Dance like no one is watching.

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